List of Accommodation Establishments in Alaminos City with DOT Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO) and Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate (PCAO)

Here is the list of Accommodation Establishments in Alaminos City, Pangasinan (District 1) with Department of Tourism Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO) and Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate (PCAO) as of September 17, 2020:


1 Hotel Monte Rio (CAO)
2 Alona's Traditional Filipino House (CAO)
3 Asia Novo Boutique Hotel Inc. (PCAO)
4 CL Hundred Islands Accommodation Co. (PCAO)
5 The Impress Inn (PCAO)
6 Express Island Hotel (PCAO)
7 RBR Hotel and Restaurant (PCAO)
8 V. Hauschild Pension House (PCAO)
9 U & Me Apartelle (PCAO)
10 Rustic Crown Hotel (PCAO)
11 Bolo Beach Santorini Mini Resort (PCAO)
12 Casa Bolo (PCAO)
13 Casa Del Camba Hotel and Restaurant (PCAO)
14 Eli's Hotel & Garden Resort (PCAO)
15 MRI Bed & Breakfast (PCAO)
16 Romanz Garden Inn (PCAO)
17 Balay Turista Transient House (PCAO)
18 Villa Angela Resort & Restaurant (PCAO)
19 Northwood Hotel (PCAO)
20 Zicat Hundred Islands Transient Rooms (PCAO)
21 Balagot Transient House (PCAO)
22 FNT Transient House (PCAO)
23 Danna's Inn & Kitchenette (PCAO)
24 Vievans Transient House (PCAO)
25 Dona Josefa Beach Resort (PCAO)
26 La Esplanada Transient House (PCAO)
27 Balay M Transient House (PCAO)
28 Islandia Alaminos Hotel Corp. (PCAO)
29 Camille's Cheapstay Transient House (PCAO)
30 Count To Ten Drive Inn (PCAO)
31 Westside Guesthouse (PCAO)
32 Carribean Transient House (PCAO)
33 Isla Grande Pension House (PCAO)
34 Razote Travel Lodge (PCAO)
35 Island Tropic Hotel & Restaurant (PCAO)
36 Footprints in Bolo Cottages (PCAO)
37 Rose Plaza Inn (PCAO)
38 Malanum Beach Resort (PCAO)
39 Lucky One Transient (PCAO)
40 Mary Land Transient House (PCAO)
41 Sea Urchin Hotel (PCAO)
42 Rosalina Reyes Beach Cottages (PCAO)
43 Uson Beach Resort (PCAO)
44 Bolo Hills Beach Club (PCAO)
45 Remyhan Beach & Cottages (PCAO)
46 PR Travellers Lodge (PCAO)
47 Nolina's Transient Room (PCAO)
48 Ketch Transient House (PCAO)
49 Kuya Ben's Transient House (PCAO)
50 Czarina Transient House (PCAO)
51 Sweet Honey Hotel & Restobar (PCAO)
52 Prince Cottages & Beach Resort (PCAO)


 Source: Pangasinan Tourism Facebook page

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